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Welcome to - we offer a free roulette game that is just as good as all of those roulette games online casinos offer. This means, great graphics, great game play, and a great chance of keeping all your money, because it's just for fun and practice!

We don't take your credit card number, and we don't pay out, so please don't email me asking where your winnings are, it's free roulette, not paid roulette!

Our recommendations for getting the most out of this free game of roulette? First off, define why you're playing. If you're simply playing for fun, don't care if you win or lose, and just want to relax, then there's nothing special you should have to find yourself doing. If, however, you wish to use this game to improve upon your real roulette play, it might be prudent to utilize some self imposed rules for your free session of roulette.

First off, try setting some loss and win limits. Loss limits are easy to set, because every bank account has a bottom. We set you up with one thousand chips to start with, and you can treat this as your real bankroll for as long as you like. Leave and come back, you'll still have an accurate bankroll. Only when you get down to less than ten chips do you have an opportunity to replenish, and at that point you can choose to reset your score to an even 1000. Win limits simply aren't as easy to live by as loss limits. Basically, why would you want to stop if you're winning? The answer to this is as simple as the questions seems: because you can't keep winning forever. A good rule of thumb is to walk away from the table if you're up 50% of your bankroll. This means if you start with 1000 points, you might want to back off when you reach 1500. This might not seem like a heck of a lot when it's free points you're talking about, but if those were real dollars at the real casino, you should be very happy to have gained 50% - walk away at that point and you've seriously beaten the casino.
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